Thursday, February 2, 2017

Setting up for a Super Super Bowl

If your idea of a great Super Bowl party is one where firing up the big screen TV is the hardest thing you do, we’re on your side. Make Burhop’s your one-stop shop for great appetizers and a simple and delicious meal you can serve at half time. If you don't live near enough to us to stop in, we can still offer some great ideas for entertaining your favorite football fans. 
KICK-OFF: Nothing makes fans feel more festive than a party tray of Burhop’s cocktail shrimp and sauce. Or choose from Shrimp & Claws, Poached Salmon, Hot or Cold Smoked Salmon, or tell us what you want and we’ll custom make a tray.  Our Seafood Spreads are a great way to feed a crowd -- just put it in a bowl, add crackers, and watch it disappear.  And we have great fresh Salsas, made in our kitchen, delicious with your favorite tortilla chips. Nothing in a jar can compete.
A SOUPER BOWL:  When half time rolls around, be ready with one of our great meals-in-a-bowl – Burhop’s award-winning Seafood Chili, Shrimp Etouffee, Sopa de Pescado, Shrimp Gumbo and more – all from Burhop’s own recipes, nothing warms up the conversation like a steaming bowl of seafood soup from Burhop’s. Serve them over steamed rice to make them go further. Add some crusty bread, a green salad and half time is a hit!
ROLL OUT PLAY: If you have more of a finger food crowd to please, we suggest our Shrimp or Tilapia Quesadillas (ready to heat and eat), or our Sandwich Rolls – New England Lobster, Seafood Harvest, Cranberry Tuna or Nutty Tuna. A half a roll and a cup of hot soup would be a really scrumptious meal that you can set out on the table and let everyone serve themselves.
If you’re thinking rolls for a crowd, please call ahead – we can put together everything you need, so that you can put them together just before they’re served to avoid a soggy roll. Our rolls come with a small serving of our fresh coleslaw.
END ZONE: For dessert, a slice of Burhop’s great Key Lime Pie or our Wisconsin Baked-in-a-Bag fruit pies are easy to serve, the perfect ending to a great game and a great party.  With Burhop’s on your side, you’ll be a winner whoever comes out on top in the football game.  (End zone celebrations encouraged). Call us for more ideas and to place an order – because so much of our product is made fresh, we can run out. If you order at least 24 hours ahead, we will set aside what you need, or (staff & product availability permitting) make something up just for you.
     We're having friends over who are definitely not football fans, but we've agreed to eat well, talk a lot, and watch the commercials. When the food's good and the Bears aren't playing, no need to worry about the outcome! 

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